About twenty years ago, long before selling the family business, I started laying the practical foundations for my current activity as a facilitator on the path of conscious evolution. I took the opportunity to apply personal insight to practical executive and constructive work in my business, with the freedom of testing and refining new methods and approaches. When I am called to guide business or institutional executives on the journey to discovering their own, distinctive purpose, I draw from the wealth of this experience, encompassing success as well as failure.

Parallel to this, the exploration of various spiritual traditions has deepened into a transcultural spirituality and methodology. Based upon this foundation, I coach individuals in their spiritual unfoldment and its integration into ways of thinking, feeling and acting suitable for everyday life.

I am ultimately convinced that humanity is headed for a radical change of consciousness– if it is to escape self-destruction. Individual self interest and the exercise of power will have to become subject to the welfare of the community, locally as well as globally. This is a topic I willingly lend my voice to in my articles, talks and workshops.

As a researcher I am interested in the spiritual forces leading to forms of perception and behaviour better suited to serving the common good, and to find ways in which we can support from within the evolution of the collective consciousness this will bring about.