I was born in 1938 into a family of entrepreneurs. As a young man, I joined with my cousin to develop the music business founded by our grandfather and established by our fathers into a corporation of worldwide renown, employing up to 180 staff. 

Experience has taught me that any business must justify its existence and find its purpose through the service rendered to society. Success will be most certain to blossom where inner fire and professional expertise unite with service to the community.

This unique alliance not only establishes the distinctive charisma of a business, but also its specific attraction for people receptive to it: clients, suppliers, associates and employees. Whenever members of the staff find their personal need for purpose in life reflected in the business culture, this will motivate them far beyond any material incentives.

Material gains thus occur as a natural consequence of managing a business with a view to serving life and the community, without of course losing sight of sound commercial principles.