Even though I have not chosen to become a performer, I am committed to serving music, as I am aware of its power to connect people and to touch them in their innermost being.

My business activities provided ample opportunities to promote music through the organisation of musical gatherings for children and adolescents, the production of CDs featuring Swiss performers and composers, as well as maintaining an event forum. Besides, I was actively involved in many musical institutions such as the Zurich Opera, the Collegium Musicum Zurich, the Collegium Novum Zurich and the Musical Advisory Board of the City of Zurich.

The experience of the “opera house riots” in Zurich in the early eighties enlarged my view of joint social responsibility and lead to active social outreach, first locally, as a president of the Schlupfhuus Zurich, a place of refuge for adolescents in distress, and – in growing circles – to my commitment to the “One World” and to the project “Global Spirituality”.

Music has remained a focal point in my life: “Musique au Château” is the name of a small series of select concerts, which we – my wife Elisabeth and myself – share with the numerous visitors to our house in Autigny.